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Online banking payments are becoming increasingly popular

Payment is a matter of trust: giropay is based on secure and well known online banking. Customers pay directly from their online bank account without extra registration or additional downloads. Just with the online banking credentials.

Offer your customers simple and secure payment with giropay. Immediately after payment, you will receive an irrevocable payment guarantee and can therefore process the order directly and issue the tickets - without any risk auf payment default. The transfer amount will be credited to your account already one bank working day later.

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giropay offers you 100% payment security and protects you from payment defaults. You profit from an irrevocable payment guarantee directly after the transaction. Chargebacks are not possible.

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With giropay you open up new customer groups. Online banking payments are a preferred alternative payment method while the acceptance of credit cards by customers in Germany is low. Over 45 million customers in Germany can use giropay directly.


We offer you a tailor-made price model, especially in view of the high ticket values in the travel industry. And of course, with giropay you save costs for chargebacks.

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Easy and fast integration with UATP

Thanks to UATP, the integration of alternative payment methods such as giropay is very easy. Refund processes, for example, can also be mapped completely automatically.