Keep it simple: Pay online with GIROPAY.

Secure, quick and easy: With giropay, you can pay on the Internet using your usual online banking with PIN and TAN.


If you choose giropay when paying in an online shop, the rest pretty much takes care of itself. There's no need to spend ages filling in a bank transfer form or worry about typing in the wrong IBAN, BIC or intended use: giropay does the legwork for you. You won't have to register separately again. All you need are your online banking credentials. giropay does the rest for you.


The advantages of GIROPAY


No extra login or registration required.

Can be used everywhere: on PC, tablet or smartphone.

TAN-free payment possible for small amounts.


Pay with just a few clicks.

Fast delivery of goods.

Downloads (e.g. music or films) are available immediately.


Secure payment via online banking.

Sensitive and personal account and transaction details remain secret.

The very highest security and data-protection standards.

Does your bank supports giropay?

Your bank supports giropay
Unfortunately, your bank does not support giropay

Here's how giropay works.

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Bank selection

First of all, choose the bank you want to pay from.



Log in with your online banking credentials (e.g. account number and PIN).


Payment authorisation

Authorise the pre-filled giropay transfer form with a TAN.

You can rely on GIROPAY.

When you pay with giropay, you are using your bank's secure online banking. Your personal bank details remain fully protected and secret.

And there's more: The established high standards of security and data protection for online banking apply to giropay just as they do to your banking transactions.


GIROPAY provides more than online bank transfer.

Age verification

account verification