GIROPAY for buyers

Online age verification

With giropay ID, you can verify your age quickly, securely and without additional registration. It's so easy! You are taken directly from the shop to the online banking of your participating bank. With PIN and TAN, you authorise your bank to confirm to the shop that you are 18 or over. Confirmation is issued online immediately, so the online shop can clear you straight away.


The great thing is that you need just your PIN and TAN to verify your age. You don't have to spend ages proving your age via webcam or by entering passport details.


Online account verification

How you benefit: Time-consuming 1-cent transfers are a thing of the past with account verification via giropay ID.


You probably know the routine: the online shop asks you to confirm your account details. One popular method is 1-cent transfers, where the merchant transfers a cent to you and, in the posting text of your account statement, provides a code that you must enter in the online shop. Using giropay-ID, you can do this in seconds in online banking with PIN and TAN.




Prove your identity online in seconds with PIN and TAN.

Immediate access to digital content after a successful check of age or account details.


Prove your identity securely via the online banking of your participating bank.

No more need for a third-party provider that is given access to personal details.


Free online age or account verification by your participating bank.

A step-by-step guide

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Bank selection

First of all, choose the participating bank through which you want to use giropay-ID.



Log in as usual with your online banking credentials (e.g. account number and PIN).



With a TAN, you authorise your bank to confirm to the online shop that you are 18 or over or to verify your account details.